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PeekSo, one of the project I have in the works is a wood block print for another submission to Taproot. This is a very exciting project for me for 2 reasons. First, this is the second time I will be published in a magazine. And secondly, it is an opportunity to be a part of Taproot again. The people, the magazine, the community that is present in its pages, inspire so! It is the very relationship with the magazine (and its people) that keeps pushing me to do more artwork. I have been doing a lot of reflecting on why I have called in the direction of printmaking. I have not come up with a clear answer. What I do know is that instead of continuing to ask myself why, I need to ask myself why not. I am always so grateful for the kind words said about my work. Therefore, I keep showing it off and talking about it. The more and more I have been talking about it, the more projects come to me. So, I have been making a list and will be getting some more blocks on the way. For those of you out there that continue to support me in this endeavor, I say “Thank you!”

If you have not yet taken the opportunity to checkout Taproot, I strongly encourage you to do so! So, since publication is a ways away (June) I took a little snippet of print to show you. Enjoy.

Be well. Create. Inspire.

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