(C) Larissa Brown

(C) Larissa Brown

That up there is Grashus. A new pattern by Larissa Brown. She is currently wrapping up a book, Beautiful Wreck: A Viking Love Story. In conjunction with the book she has released a series of patterns that are themed with the book. This one is Grashus, Icelandic for grass house. Larissa asked me to test the pattern for her and knit the sample you see above.

It was a delight to knit this project. It is always easier when helping a friend. It did take a bit longer than I anticipated. The bottom part is done in double-garter. This was a new technique for me. I found that it wasn’t one that you could speed through. It took quite a bit of paying attention, hence the slowness. The stitch is intricate enough that you can’t really make a mistake. Partly because they are hard to hide and partly because it is relatively difficult to rip out. Although, after a good three feet I ended up learning a few tricks of the double-garter. Here is a link to the pattern.

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