Sneak Peek


Here is a sneak peak of what will be in the upcoming issue of Taproot Magazine RECLAIM. In September I had the honor of attending the Squam Art Workshops: Taproot Gathering. At the Gathering I had the opportunity to meet Jason Miller and Amanda Blake Soule. So much of the submission process happens virtually. It was such a delight to meet them in person and be able to share in the joys of being a part of the magazine. I even helped out at the Taproot booth for a little while during the art fair on Saturday night during the Gathering. Several contributors attended the Gathering. It was so nice to be able to put faces to some of the names.

I so completely appreciate the opportunity to be a contributor. It has gotten me more in touch with myself through my artwork, bringing forth various art forms that were…lost for awhile. My guess is you will see some samples of that soon as well. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the next issue.

Be well. Create. Inspire.



Here are some of the projects that have been on my plate. The first is the Boardwalk vest by Heidi Kirrmaier. I recently joined with Knit Purl in downtown Portland to work making some samples for them. This was this first, but the process was such a breeze I am already working on a second. In the second picture you can see the WIP for Aviendha by Melanie Berg, the next sample for Knit Purl. This one is a very basic knit, done completely in garter stitch with an easy decrease pattern.

Recently I did some work with Larissa Brown, a local knitwear designer and author. The first (#3) was a new pattern for her titled Pterodactyl. You can read about it on her blog here and here. It was with Malabrigo worsted which is such a wonderful yarn to work with. Soft and squishy, perfect. The next project was also with Larissa, I can give little details as it will be published in the fall. When it is released I will endeavor to put it up here for all to see. The picture above (#4) is the yarn involved, Madelinetosh Prairie.

There is definitely more in the works.

Be well. Create. Inspire.


(C) Michelle Kroll 2011/2012

It’s a little unnerving the first time you submit something to a publication. I submitted a writing piece first, a little juvenile when I think about it. Then I decided that since my art it what I do best I should try that avenue. When considering Taproot Magazine, I knew that was where I wanted to start.

I had been following Amanda Blake Soule and her blog for several years. I was quite eager to be a founding subscriber to her newest endeavor. Needless to say, after reading Taproot, the magazine and I were simply a fit. Everything within its pages spoke to what I have been trying to do. Being well. Creating. Inspiring. Which was why I thought I simply must find a way to be in it.

Solace is the first print that was done. It was done a little while ago but is very near and dear to me. It speaks to what I wish for. That place that I’d like to visit when in need. You’ll notice that yarn basket there, by the rocking chair. When I am in that solace providing space, my knitting basket is often nearby. Taproot was just as taken with this print as I was. So, upon seeing the Solace print they asked if I would be willing to make 2 additional prints. Of course!

Now, since I work in a spiritual environment I understood the need to “sit with it” for a while. I needed to work out what these other two prints were going to be like. You also have to take into consideration that printmaking is not my primary form of expression. So, this was an undertaking to be sure. I need to acquire supplies and pull in a few favors to get the space and tools to accomplish this. So, in the end I came up with Sanctuary and Haven. It was through this process that I became a bit in awe of what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. The last two prints came out beautifully. I feel like they are truly a set. Each print playing off of one another.

I have felt so honored that Taproot chose me for the feature pages of the magazine. I would be honored further if you would take the time to go to their website and look around. Be inspired. Be a subscriber. You won’t be sorry I promise! What I know of Amanda and her team is that they have a wonderful group of artists, friends, and followers that they mindfully invite to share in the splendor that is their magazine.

Be well. Create. Inspire.