Digging Deeper

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So, it has been said by more than one person that attended the Squam: Taproot Gathering that it has been difficult to write about or share about. I feel the same way. The slogan of Taproot Magazine is Living Fully, Digging Deeper. Apt slogan for the magazine and for this gathering. There was a LOT of digging deeper happening.

Saturday night was going to be a contra dance and then turned into open mic night. But, the open mic night was more about sharing from a class. Earlier that day I had written something with the hope of sharing. Here is that writing:

What is this place? Appearing like a post card,
straight from a dream, a dream now reality.

There is a sacredness here, to this thin space.
Sometimes the scenery seems familiar to home.

Perhaps that is why we are here.
To dig deep and discover what home truly is.

What is it that calls us home?
What is it that makes a home?

Home is where your soul has connection.
A connect to the people, loved ones, friends, old or new.

Home is where your soul feels free.
To be that authentic version of yourself that perhaps lies hidden.

What a special place, a new home,
that allows you to crack wide open and be.
And be, with your whole heart and beautiful soul.

pure. sacred. magic. love.

(C) Michelle Kroll 9/14/13


(C) Michelle Kroll 2011/2012

It’s a little unnerving the first time you submit something to a publication. I submitted a writing piece first, a little juvenile when I think about it. Then I decided that since my art it what I do best I should try that avenue. When considering Taproot Magazine, I knew that was where I wanted to start.

I had been following Amanda Blake Soule and her blog for several years. I was quite eager to be a founding subscriber to her newest endeavor. Needless to say, after reading Taproot, the magazine and I were simply a fit. Everything within its pages spoke to what I have been trying to do. Being well. Creating. Inspiring. Which was why I thought I simply must find a way to be in it.

Solace is the first print that was done. It was done a little while ago but is very near and dear to me. It speaks to what I wish for. That place that I’d like to visit when in need. You’ll notice that yarn basket there, by the rocking chair. When I am in that solace providing space, my knitting basket is often nearby. Taproot was just as taken with this print as I was. So, upon seeing the Solace print they asked if I would be willing to make 2 additional prints. Of course!

Now, since I work in a spiritual environment I understood the need to “sit with it” for a while. I needed to work out what these other two prints were going to be like. You also have to take into consideration that printmaking is not my primary form of expression. So, this was an undertaking to be sure. I need to acquire supplies and pull in a few favors to get the space and tools to accomplish this. So, in the end I came up with Sanctuary and Haven. It was through this process that I became a bit in awe of what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. The last two prints came out beautifully. I feel like they are truly a set. Each print playing off of one another.

I have felt so honored that Taproot chose me for the feature pages of the magazine. I would be honored further if you would take the time to go to their website and look around. Be inspired. Be a subscriber. You won’t be sorry I promise! What I know of Amanda and her team is that they have a wonderful group of artists, friends, and followers that they mindfully invite to share in the splendor that is their magazine.

Be well. Create. Inspire.

Food for Thought

I am feeling inspired. As I understand it books have that effect on people. What book you ask? A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. You can find her at Orangette. I find her nothing short of amazing. I find myself on a sort of…self discovery. Reading her descriptions of food is like reading a romance novel, for me. My immediate defense on the subject of my weight is- I LOVE food! Do I? Do I really? Molly loves food. In that sense, food and I are merely acquaintances. If I really loved food what would I be eating? I am sure that it would not be the likes of frozen, plastic containers of low-calorie microwavable food! Is this a sign? A sign of the times? (I don’t know where that came from but I liked it!) Some magical way of the world telling me if I don’t want to be fat anymore maybe I should slow down. Why, day after day, do I torture myself with these frozen diet meals that don’t appear to do me any good anyway. Wouldn’t I be just as satisfied if I took an extra ten minutes and made something delectable like Molly’s recipe for Bread Salad with cherries, goat cheese and arugula? (Not on her blog, but in her book.) It sounds divine! Goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, cherries! Honestly, aside from the cheese and the bread where are the calories?

All of the aforementioned has got me thinking, what do you love so much about food? Analyze it! I have been trying! Thinking about most everything that goes in my mouth the last two days. (Having reached a turning point in the book in the last few days.) I have even gone so far as to analyze my consumption of coffee. What is it? I am hardly some connoisseur like Jack Nicholson’s character in the Bucket List, going so far as to consume coffee from beans excreted from a wild cat! I can only generally tell you the difference in the “roast” of the coffee. For all of those details, I don’t particularly care. Coffee a prescription given to those who have given birth and sleep with one ear open will for the next 18 years (or longer) wake at the crack of dawn to savor every waking moment with their children. I drank coffee early on because I was from the Pacific Northwest and that was what we were supposed to drink. I was young, it was cool. I knew the lingo, even moreso now! After a stint of stomach problems I stopped drinking it from upwards of 6-8 years. Picked it up again when I was pregnant because it was hot and I could get it decaf! Coffee drinking is almost like a coming of age. Grandma did it, mom does it, doesn’t that mean I am supposed to? No, I have no great snobbery about coffee. I enjoy the taste and flavors I get to add to it. I have even started making it myself. (That was a HUGE step for me!) It is what I drink on my way to work to wash away the daily grind and a good cup will last me until at least two in the afternoon.

I suppose the long and the short of it is, as a way to get back in touch with my “blog” you could be seeing more posts. This could be a good avenue to discover what exactly my food issues are. I have several more damned frozen lunches to consume so not to waste money. But, I think that food needs to start getting more interesting. I am sure that tonight, maybe even tomorrow I will have aother discovery to share. Hopefully something more exciting than my thoughts on coffee. In fact there are more, but this entry would turn into a book. So let’s take it, one day at a time! Maybe tomorrow we will examine even further into the frozen wasteland that so often makes up my lunch!