You can currently find me taking place in the August Break program with Susannah Conway. This is the third year I have participated. I enjoy the photo prompts as they give me something to focus on finding. So far the only one that has been difficult is the 5 Facts About Yourself. To hard to come up with things, especially things to share with the world.


Wordless Wednesday

This weekend will be spent at a retreat.  Guiding others into community and silence.

This weekend will be spent at a retreat. Guiding others into community and silence.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see. Inspired by SouleMama.

Digging Deeper

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So, it has been said by more than one person that attended the Squam: Taproot Gathering that it has been difficult to write about or share about. I feel the same way. The slogan of Taproot Magazine is Living Fully, Digging Deeper. Apt slogan for the magazine and for this gathering. There was a LOT of digging deeper happening.

Saturday night was going to be a contra dance and then turned into open mic night. But, the open mic night was more about sharing from a class. Earlier that day I had written something with the hope of sharing. Here is that writing:

What is this place? Appearing like a post card,
straight from a dream, a dream now reality.

There is a sacredness here, to this thin space.
Sometimes the scenery seems familiar to home.

Perhaps that is why we are here.
To dig deep and discover what home truly is.

What is it that calls us home?
What is it that makes a home?

Home is where your soul has connection.
A connect to the people, loved ones, friends, old or new.

Home is where your soul feels free.
To be that authentic version of yourself that perhaps lies hidden.

What a special place, a new home,
that allows you to crack wide open and be.
And be, with your whole heart and beautiful soul.

pure. sacred. magic. love.

(C) Michelle Kroll 9/14/13


Consider the feather. When I think of creation, nature, biology, I consider the feather. Each one so very dependent on the one next to it. Each one with its own part to play in flight or famine. Some feathers determine just which direction to go and which speed to travel, like surrogate counselors with you at every moment. At first glance they look similar but upon closer investigation you see that each is as individual as a fingerprint. Each varied in design, size, color and role. How incredible that the straight fibers that make up the feather can have such defined markings as spots and stripes and other patterns. Feathers. Amazing. Nature is amazing, as is the world.

All this because I picked up a feather.

NaBloPoMo? Ok!


So, I have been stuck in a pretty sizable rut lately. The way I am going to get unstuck- NaBloPoMo. It is National Blog Posting month. I have officially committed to posting everyday for 30 days. I think I can do it. This post is coming from my phone so I don’t really have any excuses.

Whether you are an old follower or new, I hope you will join me on the journey. Heck, I may even update the Rainmomma store too!

Be well. Create. Inspire.


printmakingThis is a new regular post inspired by Elizabeth Duvivier of Squam Art Workshops.

One may think, Thank God It’s Friday. And, indeed, Fridays are always fabulous for the M-F worker bee. But, this is a new spin on TGIF, Thank God I am Fantastic! The idea is to share, aloud, what is making you fantastic or fabulous RIGHT NOW! What are you making, doing, seeing, that is rocking your world? I invite you to share in the comments section.

For me, I am grateful for what printmaking has done for me. I was not an art form that I thought I would continue. But, it is very much alive for me now. It has allowed me the wonderful opportunity of being published. Not just once, several times over. And for that I nothing but the deepest gratitude. I have done a lot of reflection about why. Why has printmaking surfaced for me? I think that it is somehow taking me back to my roots. I was originally a visual artist and have been tied up being a fiber artist for a long time. It was simply evolution and maturity that has allowed them to coexist. Now, I am working on finding a way for them to coexist a little more peacefully.

Be well. Create. Inspire.